Palette of Dreams

To turn their efforts into art, all painters must first and foremost
discover "why" to paint. "Palette of Dreams" is an artful story of
one man's journey to answer that primal question and help
others find and follow their own artistic path.

Palette of Dreams cover shot

Kusmin's paintings are the fully fleshed stories of multiple, changing images and impressions, a myriad of memories of a place, the things and people who have graced it. Even in the paintings that do not formally include a human figure, the people are undeniably present – either just now departed or waiting impatiently in the wings.

“Palette of Dreams” features more than 200 of Kusmin's original paintings presented in nine “chapters” that  reflect the various themes he says best define and catalog his work. Each chapter includes the artist's insight into his journey to and through the theme, and many of the images also feature an inside look at the story behind the painting.

Whether the work depicts a chaotic street scene or a calming coastal vignette, an intimate look at a single blossom or a panoramic study of a family farm, a single vacant chair or a myriad of repeated images, Kusmin demonstrates his gift for capturing complicated and often intense stories in a single moment, always with a promise to unveil even more layers of the tale with each new look at the painting. 

”'Palette of Dreams' by Andrew Kusmin is compelling, refreshing and unlike any other art book I have ever read. I limit my reading time to grasp and enjoy the written words that correspond to each painting along with his explanation of 'why' he selected each subject. The journey Andrew so eloquently shares is sensitive and most inspiring. A must read. A book to be savored!' - Elizabeth Fawcett

“I am grateful for the different way I may think about and approach painting because of your book.” - Gail Mitton

“Many people can write a how-to-paint book but this work is much more, answering the questions 'what shall I paint' and 'why am I painting it.' This is where the art lies and is the source of the painting's power.” - Nancy Sealey

“The shape, format and quality of paper  are exactly right. The type fonts you selected for quotes and your narrative are also perfect. Your groupings make sense and work well … The initial words drew me in, and I'm forcing myself to go more slowly because, like many good books, I don't want it to end.” - Grey Perry

“Andrew Kusmin nods to Mother Nature as the great leveler, the silent power behind all human hubris, reclaiming what is hers, slowly, methodically, deliberately. And with great beauty. But that’s just one of the intentions lurking behind his vibrant watercolors that capture the emptiness of a space, the ghosts of human activity evident in the crease in the leather chair, the blinds slid partially open by an invisible hand, the barn with the woodworker’s tools and signs on the wall from decades past.” - Emily Clark, Old Colony Memorial

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Palette of Dreams is also now available in the shop at the Plymouth Center for the Arts, located at 11 North Street in downtown Plymouth, Massachusetts.